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MetallifeKuwagamon is a minor villain in Digimon Fusion season 3.


MetallifeKuwagamon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resembles a humanoid golden metal stag beetle.

Digimon Fusion (season 3)

MetallifeKuwagamon appeared in DigiQuartz after a bug catcher named Kaneda nets his scout pod. He managed to fight Tagiru and Hideaki, while kidnapping Kaneda as a hostage for escape. After MetallifeKuwagamon was defeated, Tagiru was unable to capture him because he was already hunted as a sacrifice for the "evil being", which turns out to be named Quartzmon, the evil creator of DigiQuartz. MetallifeKuwagamon was then killed by the evil Digimon before confessing his hunter's name.


  • Homing Laser
  • Emit Blade

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