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The Metallic Khaki Sharptooth is the tertiary antagonist in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration.

She was seen on the rightside of the crater when she heard the roar of the Red Tyrannosaurus. She sees Littlefoot and tries to get him but, Grandpa Longneck made a great ramming speed and charge at her. She was completely pushed out after he made a daring rescue. This green one battle Littlefoot's grandparents on the plateau and was knocked off the cliff. She was scared away by the eclipse she saw with the other carnivores and goes away, and his whereabouts were unknown.


  • Not only is the Metallic Khaki Sharptooth the last sharptooth to appear in the film, it is the first to get defeated.
  • When Bron is surrounded by the Metallic Khaki Sharptooth and Orange-Brown Sharptooth, the Orange-Brown Sharptooth's foot is the same color as the Metallic Khaki Sharptooth.
  • Similarily, the Orange-Brown Sharptooth is the same color as the Metallic Khaki Sharptooth on two occasions.
  • Although she served as the tertiary antagonist, she only had one scene like the Orange-Brown Sharptooth.
  • She is mistaken to be a male, but she is actually a female.

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