Metal Scourge is a villain from Archie Comics who is a robotic double of Scouge the Hedgehog - who in turn is an alternate-version of Sonic (a mutation of the original "Evil Sonic").

Metal Scourge looks like just Metal Sonic from Sonic CD, but he is green and he has the same clothes as Scourge the Hedgehog and he has the same power like Metal Sonic and he wears glasses just like the Anti-Sonic.

Metal Scourge acts pretty much to Scourge as Metal Sonic does to Sonic and fought against both regulard Sonic and Scourge when the two enemies were forced into teaming up against the robotic foes.

Realizing they couldn't defeat the two alone Scourge reluctantly called on the Suppression Squad - who soon turned the tables on the robots and destroyed both with Boomer's sonic waves.


  • Metal Scourge is similiar to Metal Sonic, both of them have the same power and defeat the protagonists and antagonist.