Metal Kor

Deep down in your darkest nightmares, we've met before, remember? Everything is going exactly as planned. MUAHAHAHAHA!
~ Kor revealing himself to be Metal Kor.

Kor, also known as Metal Kor (referring specifically to his true form), is the hidden main antagonist of Jak II. Metal Kor is the leader of the Metal Heads, a group of monsters who roam the area around Haven City. He is also the secondary antagonist and Bigger Bad in Daxter.



Metal Kor led legions of the Metal Heads into a mighty war with the Precursors, destroying them and their civilization, leaving only ruins in their wake. He also was allies with the Dark Makers before they betrayed him.

The Metal Heads then mysteriously disappeared (most likely into the future or another dimension, possibly the dimension that can be accessed through the Rift Gate), but swarmed the world a second time by coming through the Rift Gate opened by Jak and his friends five centuries later.

Jak II


Kor in his human guise.

At the beginning of the game, he is seen in the Precursor time portal that sends the heroes into the future. He is next seen right after completing the first level disguised as an old man, alongside a mute child (referred to as "The Kid"). Throughout most of the game, Kor is assumed to simply be this kindly old man, and gives several quests. There are a few subtle indicators that he is not who he seems, but his true identity is never specifically hinted at until it is suddenly revealed outright towards the end of the game, when Jak and Daxter race to intercept Baron Praxis (the main antagonist up to that point) at the construction site. Kor drops in just as the duo arrive and, after a short dialogue, assumes his true form - a huge blue and bronze insectoid monster, whom Daxter immediately recognizes as the Metal Head leader. Upon transforming, Metal Kor announces that he is at his full power and demands Praxis give him the Precursor Stone. Praxis refuses and charges him, but Metal Kor makes short work of him and his Krimzon Guards before flying off, vowing to find the stone even if he has to tear Haven City apart piece by piece. After he leaves, the mortally wounded Praxis reveals a second bomb, which holds the stone, which Jak takes as the Baron dies.


Metal Kor as he appears in the game.

Jak and Daxter break into the Metal Head nesting grounds, where Metal Kor is waiting for them, holding The Kid prisoner. Metal Kor reveals that The Kid is actually a younger version of Jak, who was hidden in the past so he could grow strong enough to defeat Metal Kor. However, since Praxis corrupted him with Dark Eco, Jak cannot awaken the true power of the stone, which Metal Kor explains is the last Precursor ‘’Egg’’. To that end, he plans to have The Kid, who remains uncorrupted, unlock the stone so he can feed upon the last Precursor life force inside it.

As Metal Kor rants about his evil plan, Daxter reminds him that Jak still has the Precursor Stone, but Metal Kor says they will not have it much longer and shoots a laser at them. Seeing Jak survive thanks to his Dark Eco powers, Metal Kor attacks him. Metal Kor is initially attached to the ceiling, but after 2/3 of his health is depleted he drops down to the ground and starts chasing Jak. Upon defeat, Metal Kor attempts to escape through the Rift Gate portal, but, weakened from the battle, he crashes into the portal's circular frame, and the energy coursing through it causes him to explode, thus killing him. His head is later mounted on the wall in Daxter's Naughty Ottsel saloon.

In the prequel game Daxter, Metal Kor makes two brief appearances, both via hologram while talking to Kaeden, the leader of the "Metal Bugs" sub-group. In his second appearance, Metal Kor, while musing over Kaeden's failures, first gets the idea to disguise himself as an old man so he can manipulate Jak and Daxter. Kaeden is killed in combat with Daxter not long after, but before he dies, he warns that once Daxter rescues Jak, Metal Kor himself will be waiting for them.