Metal Kaeden is the main antagonist of the PSP game Daxter. He was the leader of the Metal Bugs, a minority of the Metal Heads. He also served as Metal Kor's right hand before his death.


Allegience to Kor

Kaeden was a Metal Head and met Kor. He became Kor's right-hand. Kaeden and Kor promised to destroy Haven City.

The Metal Bugs

Kaeden became the leader of the Metal Bugs and infested Haven City. He was even forced to kill Daxter's flea sidekick and destroy Osmo's business.

Final Moments & Death

Kaeden encountered Daxter and revealed his nature as the leader of the Metal Bugs. Daxter defeated Kaeden but Kaeden warned Daxter about the Metal Heads taking over Haven City someday.




Like Kor, he has a human disguise.


  • "Do you like killing metal bugs?"
  • "It's already written. The city will be ours..." (Last words)


  • Voiced by Phil LaMarr who voiced Mizo and Count Veger.
  • Kaeden is 123 years old at the time of his death, according to the Jak X website.