Surprise, little brother.
~ Kludd to Soren after the latter discovers his identity as Metal Beak

Metal Beak, real name Kludd, is a barn owl, the first son and eldest child of Noctus and Marella, the older brother of Soren and Eglantine, the mate of Nyra, the father of Coryn and the main antagonist of the first half of Guardians of Ga'Hoole series.

Guardians of Ga'Hoole

Kludd the barn owl was the elder brother of Soren and Eglantine. He was a bully who hated his brother, and eventually pushed Soren from the nest as part of his initiation into the evil elitist group of owls known as the Pure Ones. He later killed his parents and took Eglantine to the Pure Ones's castle to be stone-stunned. Kludd was power-hungry, and wanted to rule the Pure Ones, so be battled with their current leader and killed him, although he paid a price, as a large portion of his face was ripped off. He then had a metal mask made for him to cover the scars, and dubbed himself, Metal Beak. His mate was Nyra, an equally evil barn owl who became second-in-command of the Pure Ones.

In a later battle with Soren, who had survived and now lived at the great Ga'Hoole tree with the Guardians, Soren ripped off his mask and saw that he was his brother. Soren then melted part of Metal Beak's mask off with a burning branch, which ended the battle and Kludd went off in search of water to cool it down.

When the Guardians launched an attack on St. Aegolius Academy, an evil organization that had previously captured Soren, Metal Beak was anticipating their assault, and set up a trap for the Guardians. During the ensuing battle, he lured Soren to a cave, where he had six of his owls waiting to ambush him. Soren and his companions, however, escaped the trap and fought Metal Beak himself, but Soren could not bring himself to kill his own brother. It was until Metal Beak wounded Gylfie, Soren's best friend, that he tried to kill him, but another of his fellow warriors, a great grey owl named Twilight, came in and slew Metal Beak with a fatal blow to the back (to save Soren from having to kill his own brother). The Pure Ones were defeated, but Nyra survived and hatched her and Kludd's son named Nyroc (later known as Coryn).

After his death, Kludd's bones are gathered to by Nyra for a final ceremony whilst his mask and battle claws were kept for Nyroc to inherit when he becomes the next king of the Pure Ones. Nyroc fled after failing his Special Ceremony to which Nyra warned him that the scroom (owl name for ghost) of his father would follow him. This proved true as Nyroc encountered images of Kludd in his mask who urged him to return to the Pure Ones. Eventually, Nyroc declared that he was only a mask and renounced being Kludd's son, before charging at the mask and shattering it, indicating that Kludd was finally in hagsmire (Hell)

Nyra later wore a mask made from the remains of Kludd's during the battle of the Middle Kingdom. The mask was left behind on three blood-stained owls, but was later retrieved by Nyra who began wearing it as a tribute to Kludd and hide the wounds caused by The Striga when he saved the chaw of chaws in the Battle of the Middle Kingdoms, having her face as badly mutilated as Kludd's.

In the Movie

For Metal Beak, see Surtr (Legend of the Guardians) and for Kludd, see Kludd (Legend of the Guardians)

In the movie adaptation, Metal Beak and Kludd are two different owls, and Metal Beak was a sooty owl. Kludd's personality also not as dark as his book counterpart due to his better relationships with his siblings up until his betrayal.

Joel Edgerton voices Metal Beak whilst Ryan Kwanten voices Kludd.


  • Father - Noctus
  • Mother - Marella
  • Brother - Soren
  • Sister - Eglantine
  • Mate - Nyra
  • Son - Nyroc/Coryn
  • Sister-In-Law - Pellimore
  • Nieces - Blythe, Bell and Sebastiana



  • Metal Beak is similar to Scar
    • Both are villainous animals (Owl and Lion).
    • Both used to go by their birth name before taking a different name (Kludd and Taka).
    • Both are related to the protagonist (Metal Beak was Soren's older brother whilst Scar was Simba's uncle).
    • Both are scarred (Metal Beak had half of his face torn off when fighting and defeating the previous Pure Ones' leader, whilst Scar had a scar over his left eye after being slashed in the face by a buffalo when he was younger). However unlike Metal Beak, Scar doesn't try to hide his scar.
    • Both killed the protagonist's father (Metal Beak killed his and Soren's father Noctus along with their mother Marella, whilst Scar killed his brother/Simba's father Mufasa).
    • Both had followers (Pure Ones and Outsiders).
    • Both have a close female ally (Nyra and Zira) who replaces them as the main antagonist after their death.
    • Both had a child as their heir (Metal Beak had his and Nyra's son Nyroc, whilst Scar had his adoptive son Kovu), who reject their legacy and join forces with the protagonist.
  • Metal Beak is also similar to Lord Voldemort
    • Both were born under a different name which they later changed (Kludd and Tom Marvolo Riddle).
    • Both have followers (Pure Ones and Death Eaters).
    • Both they and their followers oppose another group (The Guardians and Dumbledore's Army).
    • Both killed the parents of the protagonist (Metal Beak killed his and Soren's parents Noctus and Marella whilst Voldemort killed Harry Potter's parents James and Lily).
    • Both are related to the protagonist (Metal Beak was Soren's older brother whilst Voldemort was a distant relative of Harry).
    • Both have a female ally (Nyra and Bellatrix Lestrange).
    • Both have a child with their female ally (Nyroc and Delphini). However unlike Delphini, Nyroc was good natured and joined forces with the Guardians.