I'm back and I'm better then ever!
~ -Etemon now as MetalEtemon

MetalEtemon is Etemon's alternate form, but becomes a minor villain in Digimon Adventure.


MetalEtemon is a Mega Level Digimon. His entire body surface is covers with a full coating of the Chrome Digizoid metal used by Metal-species Digimon. He wears a pair of sunglasses, and a Elvis-like hairstyle made of Chrome Digizoid, and also wears a necklace. The symbol on his chest read "Strongest". MetalEtemon also wears a WaruMonzaemon plush doll on his hip.

Digimon Adventures 01Edit

As Etemon, he was about to die, but he refuses to accept this fate, and fully absorbs the Dark Network's energy to get back into the Digital World, while digivolving into MetalEtemon in the process. MetalEtemon goes looking for the DigiDestined and ends up finding Mimi, Joe, Palmon, Gomamon, and Ogremon. As he was explaining what happened to, via a song, he ended up getting interrupted by one of the Dark Masters; Puppetmon. Irritated by the wooden Digimon, MetalEtemon confronted him. After a short but humorous battle with Puppetmon, the DigiDestined and Ogremon managed to escape. Realizing they escaped, MetalEtemon continues searching, and nearly found them. Luckily, SaberLeomon, the Mega form of Leomon arrived and rescues the team, and takes them to Digitamamon's now-abandoned restaurant. However, MetalEtemon tracks them down and attacks, and SaberLeomon gets fatally wounded while protecting Mimi from MetalEtemon's "Dark Spirits DX". Gomamon digivolves to Zudomon, and when MetalEtemon brags that his armor is made out of "indestructible Chrome Digizoid", Zudomon reveals that his hammer is also made out of the same alloy, and uses it to break MetalEtemon's armor. MetalEtemon is then finally defeated when SaberLeomon struck him in his chest.

Digimon World 1Edit

MetalEtemon is one of the few Mega level digimon that appears in this game along with Phoenixmon and Machinedramon.


  • Banana Slip
  • Metal Punch (Mega Punch in Japanese version)
  • Heavy Mon-kick
  • Hekoki Attack (Fart Attack, never seen in English version)
  • Metal Punch (Number One Punch in Japanese version)
  • Metal Punch (Full Metal Hip Attack in Japanese version)
  • Dark Spirits Deluxe


  • MetalEtemon was defeated in the same episode when Puppetmon was defeated.
  • MetalEtemon's ultimate form can be either Etemon or Meteormon.