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Metaheavy Crisis Kaijin
A fire-elemental robot. He can manipulate fire. When the Crisis Empire was still hording water, people continued to get them from Maribaron's performing troops. After a brief battle with Maribaron, Gatenzawn, and Gedorian, Kamen Rider Black RX located where the water was being withheld and fought Metaheavy who pulled Kamen Rider Black RX into its fiery location in the factory, where it had the advantage. RX became Robo Rider and managed to knock Metaheavy out of the room. After a few shots on Metaheavy with his Vortech Shooter, Robo Rider reverted to RX and destroyed Metaheavy with the Revolcane, then used the Revolcane to destroy the controls that were withholding the water, thus returning the water to the city. Metaheavy was later revived by Maribaron as part of the Spirit World Kaijin Army.

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