I'm the one who pulls your string!
~ Mesmeralda to the Skylanders on top of the Frostfest Mountains.

Mesmeralda is an evil spider-like creature who serves as one of the bosses in Skylanders: SWAP Force. Her singing voice is provided by Nancy Anderson, while her normal voice is performed by Grey DesLisle.

Mesmeralda is one of the minions of Kaos' Mom and was later sent to the Frostfest Mountains to capture the Frosthound and deal with the Skylanders. While the Skylander were treking through the blizzard-infested mountain of Frostfest, Mesmeralda personally set up a few traps for the heroes, such as exploding clown mines and rotating blades. The Skylanders were able to avoid the hazards and reach the Frosthound, only for Mesmeralda to grab him. The evil puppeteer made her musical debut with her puppet chorus to the Skylander before engaging them in a battle, in which Mesmeralda thinks is a show in which she is the one and only star.

After a grueling battle, Mesmeralda is defeated and admits that the Skylander was the one who pulled her strings.