Ahhh... Nectar of the Neverside
~ Mervyn on inhaling Magic from the Neverway

Mervyn is the main antagonist of the Wizards vs Aliens episode The Thirteenth Floor. He was a troll who served as a guard to the Neverway, a magical portal which led to the Neverside (Earth's parallel world). For centuries, he took on a human form and worked at Wyvern House and would trap people in the Neverside and would enjoy inhaling the Magic that exuded from the Neverway whenever anyone passed through which allowed him to live longer.

In the mid 21st century when Wyvern House was a office block, Mervyn (disguised as the building's janitor) attempted to trick one of the building's receptionists Alicia Ferguson into taking the lift (which led to the Neverside) but she declined and took the stairs. Later that day a Nekross called Varg searching for Magic, took the lift which took him to the non existent "Floor 13" and ended up in the Neverside and was transformed into a Saytr. Later Varg's sister Lexi (disguised as a human) went out to look for him and believed that wizards took him and demanded that a sixteen year old wizard named Tom Clarke take her to him. They both entered the lift and also ended up in the Neverside and due to the time differences in the realm from the Dayside (the human realm of Earth), the two ended up being there 20 years (where on Earth was only a few hours) and they fell in love and had a son together named Benny Jr..

Back on the Dayside, Tom's best friend Benny Sherwood along with Tom's father Michael, grandmother Ursula and Alicia arrived at Wyvern House to find a way to rescue Tom. After arriving the building's basement, they summoned Mervyn and Ursula made a deal with him saying if she couldn't rescue Tom, she would give Mervyn freedom and take his place as guard to the Neverway which he agreed to. Whilst Ursula and Benny went to the Neverside to rescue Tom, Michael and Alicia stayed behind in the basement with Mervyn but they distracted him and ran away. But Mervyn eventually caught up with them and prepared to kill them but before he could do so, he learned that Ursula and Benny where successful in rescuing Tom along with Lexi and Varg and in doing so destroyed the Neverway. Due to him being bound to the Neverway, Mervyn died and vanished in a puff of green smoke.

He is played by Paul Putner.


Mervyn is a large troll with brown eyes, a bald head with horns sticking out, bat-like ears, fangs, three fingers and a goatee. In his human form, Mervyn had brown hair.