I understood the influence Joker has. Something that affects people, on an almost subconscious primal level. For most people--regular people--he inspires fear. For the less stable people--he simply inspires.
~ Merrymaker

Merrymaker, AKA, Dr. Byron Meredith, was a former psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum until he went mad due to his fascination towards the Joker's chaotic nature, and became an enemy towards Batman.


Dr. Byron Meredith was once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. He was consider to be infamous due to his violent ways when he was treating his patients. While most doctors often feared the madness of The Joker, Dr. Meredith, along with Dr. Harleen Quinzel were the only ones willing to take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Unlike Dr. Quinzel, who went mad with The Joker and became both his girlfriend and sidekick; Dr. Meredith decided to open up private practices for the Joker obsessed.

Soon afterwards, Dr. Meredith managed to convince his patients that it would make the Joker proud if they were to caused chaos in Gotham. But it turned out that, Meredith was using the chaos as a diversion so he could kill people who had wronged him. Dressing as the criminal known as; Merrymaker, he eventually became the leader of the gang known as the League of Smiles.


Merrymaker has no real super human abilities; however he is a trained psychiatrist and an expert amoral manipulator.