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When Balthasar rides on his elephant, he gets distracted by a mermaid who is singing to him. She is a minor villain in the 1976 animated Mexican movie "Los Tres Reyes Magos" (Three Wise Men). She lives in the African jungles.

Role in the film

Balthasar was riding on his elephant in African until he hears the voice of a mermaid singing. The mermaid tells Balthasar to fall in love with him. By doing so, the mermaid turns out that she is a monster with sharp teeth, like the mythological siren. She is actually sent by Murcio to stop the kings from getting to Bethlehem. The mermaid turns into seaweed to drown Balthasar until he starts to struggle and survive an attack when a crocodile is about to eat him. Balthasar frees himself and thwarts the crocodile sent by Murcio.

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