Merlin (Fairly Oddparents)
More importantly, I'll be the rich uncle of the great king.
~ Merlin
Merlin was a minor character in The Fairly Oddparents. He was a wizard that wanted/pressured Sir Arthur to succeed into becoming the King of England... for his own riches. Merlin didn't want Arthur to put on glasses in order to prove himself to everyone. Despite being supposedly a wizard all his magic was basically palour tricks. He even knew that dragons were impervious to magic (which Wanda explained later on). After Arthur defeated the dragon with the magic sword Timmy Turner pulled out earlier, sick of him he threw Merlin down to the ground. In the end, he was attacked by a bunch of hungry villagers and in the present, he proved he really was a wizard as he appeared in Timmy's fishbowl with Cosmo and Wanda.