Meredith Preminger
Meredith Preminger is a creative writing teacher and the main antagonist of, "Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf," a Season Three episode of Monk.

She was played by Emma Caulfield, who is best known for playing Anyanka on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Meredith was Sharona Fleming's creative writing teacher, who was having an illicit affair with Denny Graf, a security guard at the school she works in. While grading her students' stories, Meredith notices Sharona's story, "The Fatal Recipe," about a woman who poisons her husband, and decides to have life imitate art by using the story to murder her own husband, Maxwell. Just like in the story, Meredith poisons Maxwell's soup with an untraceable substance, but to keep Sharona off her tracks, she sends Denny to pose as a murder victim that only she can see, making Sharona question her sanity. Meredith and Denny also break into Sharona's apartment and rearrange her things to make Sharona think she's unorganized. Even when Meredith is interrogated by Monk, Sharona discovers that her second draft of her creative writing story was replaced. However, the original draft of the story is found used as crumpled up packaging paper, which results in both Meredith and Denny being arrested.