Mercy Graves (Brave New Metropolis)

Mercy Graves in alternate dimension became commander of the fascist cops under Superman and Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series.

She and her guards broke into a hideout belonging to the rebels who oppose the fascist rule of Superman. Mercy recognized Lois but thought she was the one from her dimension and brings her to Luthor. Lex has Mercy get Lois in the city so she can kill her to get Superman to still work with Luthor. But Angela Chen distracted Mercy and Lois Lane managed to steal her gun, and got away. Chen bite Mercy's leg before she can react. Superman managed to meet Lois Lane from an alternate universe and Lex's rule was falling. In the Lexcorp building, Lois and Superman confronted Lex Luthor while Mercy witness it. Mercy fought Lois Lane but loses to her completely when she punched Mercy with her left hand. The resistance stormed the office and Luthor made a run for it. Mercy followed Luthor but was tripped by Lois and the rebels surronded and poured on her. Mercy's fate is unknown after that.