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Mercury is a villainess and tertiary antagonist of the 1998 Action/horror film Blade.

She was portrayed by Arly Jover.


She is member of Deacon Frost's gang who kidnapped humans as slaves and she is also lover to Frost and friends with other vampires include Racquel, who she dances with at club and enjoyed pain from her victims to death.

When they learned Racquel's death by hands of Blade, a vampire hunter after saving a young man's life and killed Quin who tired murdered Dr. Karen Jenson , Frost and Mercuy swore their vengeance agnaisnt Blade especially he was son of Vanessa who is Forest's other lover.

She and other vampires took Karen as hostage for cure from vampireism and Blade come to saved her by fighting vampires in the Council, Karen tried killing Maerucy with with a shotgun containing silver buckshot thouget she was too fast and tried killed Karen but Karen manged by using the garlic mace to spray on Merecuy which led her head expoed and her death.


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