Meramon is a minor villain in almost all of the Digimon series, such as; Digimon Adventure 01, 02, Data Squad, and Digimon Fusion. The Meramon in Digimon Fusion were dubbed as RedMeramon.


Meramon is a Champion Level Digimon that about the size of an adult. His entire body is engulf in fire, and his mouth appears to have stitches.

Digimon Adventure 01

When the DigiDestined found a village where Yokomon lived, a Black Gear came and hit Meramon. He scaled down the mountain, beginning to burn the forest and attack the village. Biyomon Digivolved into Birdramon and defeated Meramon, managing to destroy the Black Gear stuck in him. He later returned to become a member of the resistance to help take out the Dark Masters, Piedmon.

Digimon Adventure 02

A few Meramon were under the influence of the Digimon Emperor and fought the DigiDestined. They had trouble fighting Meramon. The Digimon Emperor then brought forth Tai's Greymon and forced him to Digivolve. The Emperor wanted MetalGreymon, but instead he Digivolved into SkullGreymon. SkullGreymon then attacked not only the DigiDestined but the Meramon as well. It's unknown if they survived.

Digimon Data Squad

After Gaogamon manage to defeat most of the DemiMeramon, the final three combined together and Digivolved into a large Meramon. Agumon Digivolved into GeoGreymon, defeated Meramon, and returned him to the Digital World as a Digi-Egg.

Digimon Fusion

A huge ammount of RedMeramon serve as soldiers for AncientVolcanomon and one of his right-hand Digimon; SkullMeramon. Some were defeated by Shoutmon X2. When AncientVolcanomon was desperate to win, he absorbed the RedMeramon and became Fused AncientVolcamon, but he was still defeated.


  • Fireball
  • Roaring Fire
  • Magma Blast
  • Fire Blast