Right now, Digimon and V-Pets are causing chaos all over the world. Soon they'll destroy the entire planet, and there's not a thing you can do to stop them!
~ Mephistomon

Mephistomon (also called Mephismon in Japanese), also known as Gulfmon, is the main antagonist in the Digimon Tamers movie "Battle of Adventurers" and are two characters that one can exist one at a time.


Mephistomon is an Ultimate Class Digimon. He looks like a winged man with a goat's head and hooves.

Digimon Tamers

Before the Movie

Reformatted from an Apocalymon, Mephistomon has a deep hatred for all life, and so plots to destroy the world and everything in it. In order to do so, he disguises himself as Ryuuji Tamashiro, the president of the Okinawan VP Laboratories. He soon becomes famous for his part in marketing the V-Pet, a digital pet that he modified to cause other Digimon to Bio-Emerge and become his servants.

As Takahito Uehara

Takahito Uehara, the original creator of the V-Pet, detects the virus that Mephistomon had implanted in the V-Pets, and creates a vaccine program which he implants into the original V-Pet, which manifests as Seasarmon. When Mephistomon finds out about the vaccine, he uses his servants to kidnap Takehito and find out the vaccine's location.

As Mephistomon


Mephismon aka Mephistomon

Once Uehara reveals that the vaccine is in Seasarmon, Mephistomon sheds his disguise and attacks Seasarmon and the Tamers, and Seasarmon De-Digivolved to Labramon. As part of the battle, he drags the group into an apocalyptic dimension modeled after his intentions for the Real World. Even Mephistomon was stronger the Tamers' digimon (who fought in the their Champion forms), he was defeated by Growlmon by blasting a ship floating in the sky, causing it to fall on him, allowing Labramon to release the vaccine program to activate and purge the virus, thus sacrificing himself. It is revealed that Mephistomon is not actually dead and survived the falling ship, and that he digivolves into Gulfmon. He was ultimately defeated by WarGrowlmon, Taomon, and Rapidmon's Trinity Force attack.

As Gulfmon

Although Mephistomon was never destroyed, he survived the fall of the ship and digivolved into Gulfmon. He easily overpowered Growlmon, Gargomon, and Kyubimon. The 3 heroric Digimon became their Ultimate forms and ultimately defeated Mephistmon/Gulfmon with their Trinity Force attack.


As Mephistomon

  • Black Sabbath: Recites a dark incantation in which it prays for a festival of death; those who hear the spell soon die.
  • Dark Cloud (Death Cloud): Generates a cloud of darkness which causes everything to decay.

As Gulfmon

  • Dead Scream

Possible Minions of Mephistomon


  • His name is derived from the fictional devil Mephistopheles.
  • His appearance is derived from the mythological demon Baphomet.
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