Mephisto and Praxina (more commonly known as The Twins) are the recurring main antagonists in the animated series LoliRock (aside from Gramorr) and its comic book adaptation. They were biological twins from the planet Ephedia who were sent to Earth to steal the Oracle Gems and destroy the Princesses.

Mephisto is voiced by Vincent Tong and Praxina is voiced by Kelly Sheridan.

The Twins


Mephisto was the younger twin brother of Praxina. He had pale skin, emerald green eyes, and burgundy hair. He also wore a white shirt with a green snake symbol and wore umbrella black pants, gloves with green tints and shoes.

He was less coordinated than his sister when he battled the princesses one-to-one without Praxina around, which made him less intelligent. However, he had proven himself capable to be intelligent in the episode Lucky Star, as he had a back-up plan in advance after his sleeping spell didn't reach the princesses and that he used/casted a lot of complex and unique spells in comparison to his sister.


Praxina is the older twin sister of Mephisto. Like her brother, she has pale skin and burgundy hair, but has navy blue eyes. She also wears a black and white skirt with red tints and a symbol of a butterfly.

She is more intelligent than her brother and a very cold-hearted, ruthless and determined person. She is older than Mephisto by several minutes and it is typically her who comes up with the plans against the princesses. Though she is harsh and mean towards others, she truly does care for her brother.



The Twins have a mysterious past, and no one knows their origins or who their parents were.

Powers and Abilities

Both Mephisto and Praxina had the ability to fly with their capes, teleport and possess black crystal magic. They often used it to attack the princesses, create monsters with it via mutating an animal or other objects and freeze anyone. They also have the power to control minds with certain objects, like Iris's necklace and Talia's shoes. Another power is to shapeshift to look like humans. The princesses has been tricked by that so many times.




The Twins


  • Mephisto and Praxina were originally supposed to have cheap minions called "Black Ice Monsters" back during the pre-production of the show, but they were cancelled for unknown reasons.
  • Mephisto's voice actor, Vincent Tong also did Jestro from LEGO Nexo Knights.
  • The only time where they did not fight the princesses was in the episode Raffle Baffle.
  • It is revealed in the episode "Lucky Star" that they have an uncle named Pappy, who is a court jester that gave Mephisto a powerful magic staff.
  • They seem to have an ability to brainwash and corrupt people, like in the episode "No Thanks For The Memories" where they brainwashed Iris into thinking that they were her friends and then turned her into "Dark Iris".
  • Praxina's design was inspired by Gretchen Morgan from the live-action series, Prison Break.
  • Though never specified in-show, Mephisto was implied to have a crush on Auriana.
  • It is unknown what happened to Mephisto in the Season 2 finale when he fell off the cliff after getting hit by Crystal Quinta, though it is strongly implied that he died on that spot.