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Mental Mouse

Mental Mouse

Oh rats.
~ Mental Mouse

Mental Mouse is a villain from the Cartoon Network original series Dexter's Laboratory. He is an evil mutated humanoid mouse who appears as a supervillain in The Justice Friends segment "Can't Nap".

In "Can't Nap", Mental Mouse steals Valhallen's mighty axe and uses it to amplify his own powers in order to corner the world cheese market, but he is defeated when the feline White Tiger appears and aids Valhallen in retrieving the axe and restoring his powers.

In another The Justice Friends segment "Pain in the Mouth", Mental Mouse appeared alongside an army of fellow supervillains including Bertha the Barbarian, Comrade Red, Doctor Diablos and Minotaur, as the forces of evil attacking the Infraggable Krunk because of his toothache which thet believed to his weakness and the source behind the lost of his super strength.


  • Mental Mouse is a parody of the Marvel supervillain M.O.D.O.K. He has a giant brain, hence his name, that's sprouting out of his head. Mental Mouse wears a costume almost identical to M.O.D.O.K.'s, an orange suit with a jet at the butt that alllows him to hover.
  • He was voiced by Tom Kenny.

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