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Menma 2

Full Name
Menma Uzumaki
Masked Man, Black Naruto
Powers / Skills
Sharingan (when possesed by Tobi)
Black Kurama(tailed beast)
Capturing powerful shinobi
defeating Naruto
Type of Villain
Alternate version

Menma is the main antagonist in the animated movie Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja who happens to be a version of Naruto from an alternate universe which Naruto and Sakura ended up as the result of being subjected to Obito Uchiha's Infinite Tsukuyomi. Unlike Naruto, Menma fully embraced his world's version of Kurama and became evil. Obito took Menma's body as his own to interact with the world he created while using the youth to battle Naruto.


Menma has all the abilities Naruto possesses, but with better control over his Kurama to create living constructs from the Nine Tails's chakra. With Obito using his body, Menma gained the Sharingan and able to use it to his benefit.

Nine Masked Beast

The Nine Masked Beasts are entities created by Menma throught the used of Black Nine Tail's chakra. Five of these beast are described as divine beast while the other four are described as divine priests. They are very similar to the Six Paths of Pain. Menma summons them by forming a tiger seal & chanting the kuji-kun, which conjures a massive mandala featuring each kanji of the kuji-in encircled by nine rings, arrayed in the same cross pattern he wears in his cloak. Each of the masked beast emerges from a specific ring. The rings are somewhat similar to the ones Akatsuki wore. One defeated, they reverted to their true forms, which are nine masked fox kits that each possess a single tail. They can also convert back into chakra that will arc through the air from their present location back to Menma. Once they collided with Menma, they reform Black Nine Tails.

  • Seiryuu (Azure Dragon), a dragon that resembles a seahorse.
  • Byakko (White Tiger), a lean and slender white tiger.
  • Suzaku (Vermillion Bird), a bird with elegant & dramatic plumage.
  • Genbu (Black Tortoise), a tortoise with a shell with overlapping plates.
  • Kinja (Golden Snake), a serpent with massive golden scales. It can bind on its opponents wrapping its body around them.
  • Tennyo (Celestial Maiden), an angelic priestess with overlapping robes. It uses transluscent ribbons to whip enemies. Like Kinja, it can also bind its opponents.
  • Shinigami (Grim Reaper), a skeletal priest that bears a striking resemblance to the Grim Reaper. A swing of its scythe unleashes sickle-like energy waves which drain targets of their chakra once they have passed through them. The waves can be bypass the barriers set up by Hakuto Sennin & Nanto Sennin.
  • Hakuto Sennin (Northern Sage), a priest with a fox staff. In unison with the Nanto Sennin, it can trap opponents in purple cylindrical barriers.
  • Nanto Sennin (Southern Sage), the matching counterpart of Hakuto Sennin. In unison with Hakuto Sennin, it can trap opponents in purple cylindrical barriers.

Spiralling Ring

A dark technique with is very similar to Naruto's Rasengan, except being darker. It creates a dark purple Rasengan-like orb of chakra that orbit the main sphere. These rings then align into one disk-like shape around the orb, causing the rings to look like planetary rings. It matches Naruto's Rasenshukiren in Sage Mode in power. A much more powerful version of it, Great Spiralling Ring is also used which can cause a massive destruction in the impact.

Role in Road to Ninja

Menma, who is wearing his kitsune mask is first seen attacking a village, carrying a defeated shinobi with him. Tobi arrives and makes a deal with him by giving him the genjutsu world's jinchuriki & they agreed to work together. At some point, he manage to defeat genjutsu world's counterpart of Yugito Nii & lost the Red Moon Scroll from Jiraiya whom he manages to kill later. 

Later, he attack the Hokage's office & forces Tsunade to give the scroll back to him. He overpowers Minato, Kushina & Tsunade. Naruto & Sakura fought him but overpowers them too & then kidnaps Sakura in exchange for the scroll. He uses his Great Spiraling Ring, destroying a large part of Konoha & leaves. After Naruto confronts Tobi, Menma attacks him & asked for the Red Moon Scroll. He summons his Nine Masked Beasts & tries to kill Naruto but is saved by the genjutsu world's counterpart of Akatsuki, who manages to fight his Nine Masked Beasts. He starts to fight Naruto himself & clashes with his Spiralling Ring with the latter's Rasenshuriken. Upon doing so destroys his mask & is then revealed himself to be Naruto's genjutsu counterpart. He called forth his Nine Masked Beast & summons the world's counterpart of Kurama, the Black Nine Tails . He then overpowers Naruto. Naruto in turn, makes a truce with Kurama & fights alongside with him. As the fight comes to an end, Naruto & Menma exchange their final blows & Naruto knocks out Menma out. Tobi then possess Menma & personally extract Kurama out of Naruto, causing Naruto to look into his Sharingan. As Kurama is beginning to get extracted, Sakura steps in & stops the extraction. Naruto gets up defeats a Tobi-possesed Menma, similar to how his father defeated him. Tobi leaves Menma's body and proceeds to fight Naruto & Sakura before retreating into the real world. Minato & Kushina then quickly arrived & checks upon Menma as Naruto & Sakura transports back into the real world.


  • Menma can be compared to Naruto's dark aspect which he faced while training for his confrontation with Kurama.
  • Menma destroying Konoha with Great Spiralling Ring is very similar to how Pain destroyed Konoha using Almighty Push.
  • Although being a minor character, Menma became a lot popular (similar to Powerpunk Girls) with even feature many numerous fanfictions, especially with his lover Hinata.
  • Menma's Nine Masked Beasts are named and based on the five celestial beasts mentioned in the Chinese constellations (Byakko, Seiryuu, Suzaku, Genbu & Kinja) & the two divine priests are based from the angel & grim reaper of Japanese mythology. The Hokuto & Nanto Sennin are based from the Northern & Southern Dippers.


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