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Meme was a Morlock, a type of mutant found in Marvel's popular X-Men series : he was not originally a violent being and like many Morlocks was highly abused by society and lived a life of solitude as a result.. however due to unfortunate events Meme would become a serious threat and Jean Grey with the aid of Colossus were forced to confront the mutant.

Meme's threat came from his mutant power, which allowed him to forcibly merge hundreds of other living beings into his own body - creating a terrifying monster made out of the body parts of others, to make matters even worse if Meme absorbed a mutant he'd also gain their abilities.

In the battle Meme proved so dangerous Jean telepathically entered his mind and killed him, an act that horrified Colossus despite Meme's threat - Meme has not been heard of since and his death seems to have remained (for the most part) permanent.

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