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Melzas sprite

Melzas is the main antagonist in the video game Alundra.

Some time before the events of the game, Melzas arrived at Earth from a distant planet and learned that Gods of this world were empowered by prayer. Wanting this power to himself, Melzas inserted his image into human culture and gained followers. After being exposed and imprisoned, Melzas manipulated multiple atrocities to increase his powers. Melzas is also responsible for the dark nightmares that can actually kill people.

Later during the game, when Alundra possesses much threat to his power, Melzas sends his army of Murgg to burn down the village of Inoa. He is confronted and destroyed by Alundra in the Shrine of the Lake after he had collected all the six crests and obtained the holy sword that the villagers' prayers had crafted.

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