Melvin ain't so small now!
~ Melvin

Melvin Underbelly was the grotesquely obese Halfling hero from Overlord, although sent to destroy him the Overlord's minions quickly became entranced by a magical song (along with Gnarl himself) - allowing Melvin to make his escape. However the titular Overlord was less impressed and killed the musician to put a stop to such foolishness before pursuing Melvin Underbelly.
Perhaps unsurprisingly Melvin is found inside his kitchen, where it was revealed his minions were using Red Minions to start his cooking fires (it was also revealed the glutton had enough food to feed over a hundred minions).
After freeing the Red Minions the Overlord and his minions face Melvin in battle and his size makes him a formidable opponent. Throughout the battle, Melvin displays an extreme level of gluttony verging on cannibalism, as he constantly tries to kill and devour the minions.
After killing Melvin, the Overlord is rewarded with a portion of concentrated evil, which in turn brings him closer to his goal of conquest.

In the bonus content of the game, it is shown that Melvin's tormented spirit is punished in the Abyss via being condemned to an eternity of eating until he literally explodes, only to be resurrected again to restart the process.


  • Like all of the Seven Heroes, Melvin represents one of the seven deadly sins, in this case gluttony.
  • The seven heroes are also a parody of a typical fantasy-rpg-party, with Melvin being the Halfling. Because of his love of music and festivities, it is also possible that he was the bard of the team.