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Melvin Sneedly

Melvin Sneedly

You guys are SO immature!
~ Melvin Sneedly's catchphrase.

Melvin Sneedly is a recurring antagonist in the Captain Underpants series of books. He is perhaps the smartest student currently attending Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, but he's also the school's biggest tattletale and is greatly disliked by most of the other students for this reason.

Melvin has a sister who lives at his house all the time named Ciana Sneedly, also owning a cat. He might be allergic to cats, as when his cat enters his room, he sneezes after he shoos him away, at the last second of his planned transformation and turns into the Bionic Booger Boy in the sixth novel. He also appears to be very selfish as after he got Captain Underpants' super powers, he refused to save the control tower people's lives from the Robo-Boogers unless George and Harold changed the comic they made about him to how he wanted it (they made it the opposite way he wanted it).



  • Despite being the smartest kid in school, he failed to notice that Mr. Krupp is wearing a toupee to hide his baldness problem.

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