Suck my dick.
~ Melissa after Alan tries to chat her up

Melissa is a minor antagonist in the 2009 live action film, The Hangover.

She was portrayed by Rachael Harris.

Role in the film

Melissa is Stu's bitchy and domineering girlfriend. She controls Stu with an iron fist and is implied to physically abuse him as well. She refuses to have sex with him, but Stu says its because she has issues with men. Despite this, she cheated on him with a bartender in the past (a recurring gag being that no-one can really remember what her lover's job actually was, confusing him with a bellhop among other things, and that being the doormat he is, Stu gives her a pass for cheating on him). Due to her controlling nature, Stu has to lie to her about going to Vegas for his friend Doug's bachelor party. He plans to propose to her at Doug's wedding, which Phil discourages.

At the end of the film, Stu finally stands up to Melissa and ends their relationship. She is briefly mentioned again in the sequel by Phil, who reminds Stu that had it not been for the events of the first film, he "would have married a cunt".