Poo! That was easy-peasy.
~ Melissa

Melissa is the main antagonist in the novel The Three Little Witches Storybook. She is a horrid little witch who always taunts Zara, Ziggy and Zoe. She lives on the Which Way in magic Wood.



Melissa doesn't like the three witches, Zara, Ziggy and Zoe, as they are clearly better in magic than her. As a revenge, she bullies them for many times, for example by transforming Ziggy's cat into a frog.

Once at school, their teacher Wizard Wink asks what would he have if he had three crystal balls in one hand and four in the other, Zoe knows the right answer. Envious Melissa says it is easy, but when Wizard Wink gives her another Math problem, she isn't able to answer, in opposite to Zara. During the break time, Melissa wishes Zoe's and Zara's drinks to taste like a snake. However, the two then wish Melissa's drink to taste like a rotten egg, much to her anger.

When Zara, Ziggy and Zoe are planning a Halloween party, they decide to invite Melissa, too, as they don't want to have troubles with her. Melissa is then the second one who answers the invitation and agrees to come.

The conflicts among the witches, however, continue. While playing hide and seek game, a golden star falls down and lands in front of the Troll family. They think it is gold, much to their happiness. Unfortunately, Melissa sees it and wants the star for herself. When the Trolls deny, she threatens to transform them into toadstools with her magical powder. However, as she throws the powder, Zara, Ziggy, Zoe and Baby Dragon appear and Dragon sneezes, causing the powder to fall on Melissa and transform her into a toadstool. Poor Dragon is afraid of Melissa's revenge, so Zara, Ziggy and Zoe take the star and use it to force Melissa to forget about the incident. Luckily, it works.

At the Halloween party, Wizard Wink gives silver shoes to Zara, Ziggy and Zoe which turn them invisible. When nobody looks, Melissa quickly puts one pair on, but on wrong foots. Instead of turning invisible, Melissa grows up. Luckily, Wizard Wink then uses another spell to save her.