Melba Manners is a character in the animated show Pet Alien. She is Tommy Cadle's arch-enemy and (as Dinko would put it) "the bossy neighbor". She is a 15-year-old high school student. Pretty as she may be, she's pure evil.


Melba is Tommy's rich enemy and classmate. She enjoys forcing him to do tedious or tiresome tasks, thanks to her loud and shrill voice sounds similar as the Horrid Henry character Moody Margaret. She is also an exceptionally clever opponent in staring competitions. Despite her last name, she is very impolite. Like the other humans, she is too stupid to tell that the aliens are aliens. She just calls them Tommy's "things". She yells at Tommy and believes she is better than everyone else.


Melba is Tommy's bully. She often tries and makes Tommy look like a fool and puts him down often. Melba is also very very tough as evidenced by all the times she has beat up Tommy and Granville. Like all the other humans, she always blames Tommy for things that obviously weren't his fault.