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Melanie Merchant is a ghost of a young girl who committed suicide by killing herself with a straight razor blade after stabbing her family with it. In the Supernatural episode, she was adopted by a family after her parents died. After that, she murdered her family and committed suicide by murdering herself with a straight razor. After her body cremated, her ghost rises from the grave to haunt Sam and Dean.


Melanie is the ghost of a young girl who killed herself (via suicide). She is now a ghost who could use telekinesis right now.

Powers and Abiltiies

Melanie was a somewhat powerful ghost.

  • Telekinesis - Able to move objects with her mind.
  • Super speed - Extremely fast.
  • Teleportation - Could teleport. She could also teleport the painting she possessed back to its frame if it was taken from it.
  • Material Possession - Was able to possess the painting of her family. She could also take the razor from the painting as a weapon.
  • Regeneration - As long as her ghost existed, the painting she possessed couldn't be destroyed and would reform if destroyed.



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