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Mel Kostic is a major (Angela Baker is the main protagonist AND antagonist) antagonist of the 1983 horror film Sleepaway Camp and was the abusive and greedy owner of Camp Arawak, where he tried to hide the original murder spree, until he was driven paranoid and beat Ricky Thomas nearly to death before Angela Baker killed him.

He was portrayed by actor Mike Kellin.


Mel owned and operated Camp Manabe in New York state.


Sleepaway Camp

Mel and his head counselor, Ronnie Angelo, supervised the kids' arrival on the first day of camp. When several murders happened at camp, he saw the camp will be closed down. He suspected Ricky and he beat him badly. When the real killer, Angela, appeared, he was shocked and he can't believe the killer was her and he beat Ricky almost to death for nothing, She killed him for being greedy, abusive, beating Ricky up and nearly killing him.

Sleepaway Camp II

Phoebe recounted the Camp Arawak massacre at Camp Rolling Hills, and mentioned Mel's grisly death.


  • This was Mike Kellin's last role. He was a veteran of film and TV for decades.