No... Oh, no... No...
~ Hallyfax's final words before the Imperial Reaper's explosion killed him in the process

Meinhardt Hallyfax is one of the secondary antagonists of the 2015 graphic novel Luna de Plutón. He was the Captain of Emperor Gargajo's militar army and later he became the Captain of Osmehel Cadamaren's Imperial Reaoer. Accoridng with Cadamaren, Hallyfax was the true reason why nobody proposed war to Gargajo. He tried to conquer, along Osmehel Cadamaren and Calizo Popsttone in a triumvirate, the Solar System.

Biography Edit

Time after Emperor Gargajo's death, Hallyfax met Osmehel Cadamaren and his assistant Mojo Bond in the moon of Galatea. After talking about Hallyfax's carrier, the three boarded the Imperial Reaper and Hallyfax destroyed the moon of Galatea with the Cosmic Force of the ship. A time later, during a walk, Mojo accidentally discovered Hallyfax's true form, but Hallyfax decided to not kill him (Mojo's). After this, under the orders of Cadamaren, Hallyfax destroyed with the Cosmic Force of the Imperial Reaper the Federal Brotherhood of the United Planets' ship Nautilus, killing the Judge Raah in the process.

After this, Hallyfax tried to cheat the Elves in the orbit of Titan, saying that Jugde Raah was on board. However, Panek didn't believe Hallyfax, and for that reason, The Anubis and the Tungstenio began a battle in the orbit of Titan. During the battle, Amen sacrificed himself (reaosn for that Hallyfax, along Cadamaren and Bond celebrated), getting the Tungstenio and The Anubis appearing in Caronte, the moon of Pluto. However, Hallyfax thought that the Ogres and the Elves had hidden in the moon of Elara, and for that reason, Hallyfax used the Cosmic Force of the Imperial Reaper for destroy Elara, killing the maion members of the Federal Brotherhood of the United Planets.

After boarded the Pegasus, the Ogresand the Elves finally neutralized the Imeprial Reaper, killing all the crew (Calizo Popsttone was killed by Osmehel Cadamaren and Cadamaren died trying to escape in a escape capsule), except him and Mojo Bond. However, Hallyfax refused to lose his ultimate battle, and killed Mojo Bond because he tried to stop him (Hallyfax's). However, Claudia Nefertitis Vön Sugus del Titanium decided to sacrifice herself and heated the machines of the engine room of the Imperial Reaper, causing the explosion of the Imperial Reaper, killing both del Titanium and Hallyfax.

Trivia Edit

  • At the end of the book, in the list of characters, Hallyfax was indicated as the main villain of the book. However, it is not true, because Osmehel Cadamaren is the true main villain of the book, because he tried to conquer the Solar System and have more bigger plans than Hallyfax. However, at the climax of the book, Hallyfax became a Complete Monster and tried to kill the Ogres and the Elves.