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I understand you have a weakness: for silver, he's waiting for you... you are fool ,bother and weaker
~ Mehmed to Vlad during their fight

Mehmed II is the main antagonist of the 2014 action-horror film Dracula Untold. He was the conqueror of the Turkish empire who also took away from Vlad Tepes (the film's protagonist) his son. he was portrayed by Dominic Cooper.

In the Movie Edit

In the film, Mehmed wanted to kill Vlad by taking his son and his wife, but failed. (information will come soon)

Fight with Vlad and Death Edit

In the fight scene where Vlad fought with Mehmed himself in violent sword fight, Vlad was defeated by Mehmed, but after Vlad's son came and wanted to help his father (Vlad) ,Vlad killed Mehmed by biting him in his neck and after Vlad bit Mehmed's neck, he took his sword and stabbed him, which finally kills Mehmed once and for all.