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Megumi Tanaka is the main character in the 2008 horror movie Shutter.

She was portrayed by Megumi Okina.


Megumi was a shy Japanese woman who met American photographer Ben Shaw and fell in love with him. She experienced sexual ecstasy for the first time in her life in his bed. After the death of her father, Megumi became deppresed and clingy and Ben got tired of her. He wanted to get rid of her and asked his friends Adam and Bruno for help.

One day, he drugged Megumi and Adam and Bruno began molesting her while he took her pictures in order to blackmail her. Adam and Bruno then raped her, while Ben watched. He dumps her and leaves. She eventually commits suicide with cyanide, becomes a ghost, and begins haunting Ben.

When Jane and Ben are driving to a cabin, Megumi suddenly appears on a road and Jane accidentally hits her with a car. They get out of their car and look, but can’t find her. Ben gets a pain in the neck, which they think was caused by the crash. Ben gets to his job, but Jane starts seeing things. The photos that they took come out with mysterious white lights in them. Their Japanese friend, and paranormal investigator, Ritsuo, identifies the photos as spirit photos, and says that the lights are spirits.

As Jane investigates, she finds out the ghost is a girl named Megumi and that she used to know Ben. Megumi attacks Ben in his studio. Ben tells Jane that he had an affair with Megumi and that he dumped her ith help from Adam and Bruno. Megumi kills Adam and Bruno. Ben and Jane travel to Megumi's house and find her decaying corpse. They have the body cremated and leave for New York. However, a horrifying night in their apartment leaves them both stunned. Later, Jane once again finds Megumi in their apartment and is led by her to a camera with the photos that Ben took of Adam and Bruno molesting Megumi.

Enraged Jane leaves Ben. Ben is angry and starts calling out to Megumi while taking pictures of the apartment. When he throws the camera on to the floor, it takes a polaroid of him – showing that Megumi is sitting on his shoulder! This explains the neck pain. Freaked out, Ben tries to electrocute himself and is rendered catatonic.


  • Tanaka Megumi is based on Natre.
  • Megumi's actress, Megumi Okina, also portrays Rika Nishina in a similar horror movie Ju-on: The Grudge.