Megumi Kitaniji is one of the main antagonists of video game, The World Ends With You, alongside with the Composer. He is the Conductor of Shibuya's Reapers' Game.


Because the Composer is never around, Kitaniji acts as the authority figure to the Reapers. He only encounters Neku at the end of each week. In the third week, he fought him three times. First is when he had brainwashed Shiki with the red pin to fight alongside him and second is when he transformed into his Noise form, Anguis Cantus, for Neku to battle. He is defeated by both of these encounters. Afterwards, Joshua appears. Kitaniji absorbs him, Shiki, and Beat to form Draco Cantus. Being defeated again, it seems that Joshua and Kitaniji have a relationship between them. That's because the former is the Composer, and that the latter has been involved in a "game" that he created. A flashback occurs between the two of them talking about creating the Game for Shibuya. Kitaniji doesn't like Joshua's idea of wiping out Shibuya so he sworn for a month that he'll prove that he is wrong. However, he has lost, but Joshua just congratulates him for "one of his more enjoyable games". Kitaniji gets erased afterwards.