Megrez Delta Alberich was a God Warrior of 1987/1988. He was the unique that have known about Hilda (he did not know who cursed Hilda, but knew she was cursed by a ring), but, how he wanted rule in the world, he made a scheme: waits Hilda conquers the world and wait all the God Warriors dies against the Athena saints and defeats for these Athena Saints catches the Odin Sapphires and after this, he catches the Sapphires of the Athena Saints, probably without looking like a traitor; so, he uses the 7 Sapphires (Hilda doesn't have any Sapphire) to get the Odin's Sword, kill Hilda and rule in the World that she dominated. He is a strategist and know about the Odin's Sword because read a document of Alberich XIII that said the 7 Sapphires, when gathered, can invoke that sword, but he never knows where, was the Sapphires, but when Hild give the God Robes to him and the other warriors, he now, knows where is the Sapphires.

Siegfried is his main rival, because Siegfried is, like almost all the other warriors of the anime, a noble warrior, that uses only his own power to defeat his enemies, and Alberich value strategy in a battle. Hilda never trusts in Alberich, because his personality, but, when Hilda becomes a bad woman, give values to Alberich's advices.


Alberich is a weak warrior, but with his weak super-powers, uses strategies to kill his enemies.

He has the power to control the spirits of nature elements (floor, water, wind, trees) to control them as he wish, uses a fire sword, and arrests the enemy in an amethyst that absorbs all his life energy (he dies inner the amethyst and is decomposed naturally). The skill of Nature Elements only can be defeated if the victim concentrate and stop the elements.

In all his battles, he always is hit by an enemy.


Marin goes to Asgard to Asgard to notices Seiya about Bud, but Alberich finds her and after he falls on the floor, uses ink to blinds Marin, and after he arrests her in the Amethyst.


Alberich uses the Fire's sword against Seiya and defeats him after threaten Seiya about Marin, because according him, Marin never will escape of the Amethyst if he dies. Seiya is arrest in the Amethyst.


With nature control, Alberich defeats Hyoga, and almost arrest him in the Amethyst, but Shiryu stops him.


With Dohko's help, Shiryu learns about the foible of Nature Unity of Alberich, because Dohko already have defeated this skill. Shiryu kill Alberich, and the Amethyst are broken