The Megopteran is a giant insectoid creature from the Future, derived from Hymenoptera. It was created by Carim Nahaboo, aged 16, in the Create Your Own Creature Competition held by ITV for designing a new Primeval creature, and Carim's Megopteran design won the competition.


The Megopteran is part of the Hymenoptera family, and possesses six strong legs, a long arched neck, and medium sized wings (allowing flight over short distances). They appear to communicate in a series of loud hollow clicking sounds, and like modern day insects, they apparently don't like smoke.

Lacking antennae, Megopterans use their large compound eyes to detect prey. When a Megopteran has found a suitable victim, it will use its large mantis-like forelegs to catch it, whilst the mandibles make short work of the meal (as shown, it killed a full-grown man in seconds). Its long legs make it a fast runner, and it apparently prefers to hunt at ground level, but will sometimes fly after prey. Megopterans are also shown to be quite strong, as a baby was shown to be able to crack a window by slamming into it without injury.