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Megidramon is an Evil Dragon Digimon and WarGrowlmon's evil Digivolution.


Megidramon is the villain Mega Digimon that looks like a giant leg-less dragon with two giant wings, and razor sharp claws and teeth. He also has armor on his shoulders, and on his chest.

Digimon Tamers

Megidramon is Guilmon's second Mega form when the full destructive power of the Digital Hazard is released, and as a result his existence endangered the very fabric of the digital world. Megidramon posses acidic saliva, with The Hazard shown as the Digital Hazard symbol on its chest flashing red. The central triangle was permanently red, but the three triangles around flashed red. Once this started Henry realized that the symbol was a hazard and the ground under the groups feet started to crack and massive fissures were formed. Terriermon fell into one of these fissures while fighting Beelzemon. It was then saved by Renamon. Guilmon turned into Megidramon once when he Digivolved using Takato's anger. The death of Leomon at the hands of Beelzemon caused Takato to fill with blood lust. Jeri finally snapped him back to his senses and he became horrified by Guilmon's transformation, this also caused Takato's D-Tector to crumble and dissappear.

At first, Megidramon seemed to have the upper hand against Beelzemon by wrapping his tail around him and attempted to devour him. However, Beelzemon eventually won the battle by absorbing Makuramon's data, beating Megidramon unconscious, defeating him. Takato cried, knelt down by the unconscious Megidramon and wished that he and Guilmon could start over. But as soon as Takato realized that he couldn't give up the old Guilmon, Megidramon quickly changed back into Guilmon. Takato then wished that he and Guilmon could fight Beelzemon together as it should be. This resulted in him Biomerging with Guilmon to become Gallantmon. After the battle, Takato then received a new D-Arc, an Ultimate (Golden) D-Arc. Takato was the only one in the season to get a Golden D-Arc.


  • Megiddo Flame
  • Dragon Howling

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