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Ha! They call me mad! They call me insane! They're right!
~ Megavolt
Don't call me Sparky!
~ Megavolt

Megavolt (full name: Elmo Sputterspark) is the major recurring antagonist from Darkwing Duck. He is insane and is obsessed with all things electrical, even to the point of believing that light bulbs are living things.

Elmo Sputterspark was a very intelligent high-school student. He had made a science project on static electricity, a wool carpet treadmill, to find a way to get clean and cheap electricity. But all went wrong when a bully sabotaged his invention by taping him to the treadmill, setting it on high and leaving him on it, making it electrocute Elmo and explode after that. The accident turned him into a living battery, able to absorb and control electricity at will. Thus, he decided to take revenge on those who bullied him and never understood his ideals. However, the accident severely damaged his brain, making him forgetting what he was set up to do. Elmo then became Megavolt, and turned to a life of crime.

Megavolt usually has memory loss due to the accident, which makes him forget things easily. He also became crazy, believing light bulbs are alive and setting to free them from their "slavery". He found out about Darkwing Duck's secret identity, but because of his memory loss, Darkwing feels unthreatened by him. Most of his plans are totally nonsensical, such as using a giant magnet to steal metal so that he can build an even bigger magnet.

Megavolt became friends with Quackerjack, with whom he formed a crazy duo to commit more insane crimes. The both of them later joined the Fearsome Five, under the leadership of NegaDuck.


  • Megavolt appears in the comic book, Crisis on Infinite Darkwings. He was in the prison cafeteria, eating with Bushroot and Quackerjack when he heard that the alternate Darkwings were attacking.  Darkwing then went to him to retrieve the tronsplitter to defeat Negapaddywhack, which Megavolt had in his cell.
  • As one can guess, Megavolt is similar to Electro from Spider-Man universe.