Megatronus Prime, also known as The Fallen, is one of the Thirteen original Primes, the first Decepticon, and the main antagonist of the first season of 2015 TV Series Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

He was voiced by Gil Gerard in English and Fumihiko Tachiki in Japanese (whom also infamous for portraying Gendo Ikari).



In the long, distant past, Megatronus was among the Thirteen created by Primus to battle and defeat Unicron, with success. However, Megatronus eventually betrayed the other Primes and murdered Solus Prime. As punishment for what he had done, Megatronus was cast out from the universe and exiled to an alternate dimension, though still had the power to communicate with beings in the prime dimension. Enraged and humiliated, Megatronus blamed Earth and Cybertron for his defeat, swearing to eventually find a way to return to the universe and destroy both planets.

Transformers Prime

Megatronus, maintaining just a mild amount of influence from outside the universe, was known by himself as the first Decepticon. He was idolized by a Cybertronian named named D-16, whom honored him by naming himself Megatronus before shortened it into Megatron.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

When the Alchemor passed by Earth, Megatronus forced the ship to crash, releasing Decepticons. After sometime Megatronus eventually spoke to Steeljaw and made a deal with him that he was to prepare a GroundBridge portal to free Megatronus from his prison in exchange to let Steeljaw and his gang to have Earth. Steeljaw reluctantly agrees to the deal. Megatronus, impatient, contacted Steeljaw again to check on his progress of building the portal. Steeljaw informed Megatronus that he needed more Decepticons to help him with the task, but Megatronus was less than moved. Using his telekinetic powers, Megatronus made Clampdown pull on his left arm hard until Steeljaw capitulated. Megatronus informed his new servant that the device would require a mass of sufficient metal to anchor the energies generated by his arrival- namely, the Crown City Colossus. At the Crown City Colossus, Megatronus appears over the statue in Steeljaw's vision. He informs the latter that he grew impatient and also promised that if he remains trapped in his dimension any longer, he will make them all pay. Although the Autobots, accompanied with a reborn Optimus Prime, attempted to intervene, their efforts weren't enough to stop Steeljaw from activating the portal. A triumphant Megatronus stands before them and states he stands triumphant.

Megatronus moved to attack the weakened Autobots, but was intercepted by Optimus. Megatronus deflected a blast from Optimus that hits Bumblebee and Drift instead. Megatronus uses his telekinesis ability to throw Optimus into the ground. He pinned his foe on the ground and informed the latter that both Earth and Cybertron played a role in his exile but also plans on terminating Optimus as the first one to fall by his hand as he transforms his right hand into a drill and attacks Optimus with it. Grimlock stopped the drill but was tossed by Megatronus at Drift. Slipstream and Jetstorm appeared to protect Drift and the others from Megatronus, which enabled Optimus to get up and duel with Megatronus. During the fight, Optimus revealed that he had been received added strength from the other Primes, to which Megatronus replied that he had received additional power from an even greater force. Megatronus gained the upper hand and managed to slash at Optimus, knocking him into the water and temporarily taking him out of the fight. Windblade breaks free from her restraints to open fire on Megatronus and was soon temporarily defeated by him. Megatronus congrats Steeljaw and his Decepticons as he was able to get his fallen Spark fuser and activated it, revealing to Steeljaw that he had intended to draw the remnants of Unicron's anti-spark from the Earth's core and merge it with the AllSpark, which would destroy both Earth and Cybertron. When Steeljaw realized this, he attacked Megatronus and was prevented from doing so as Megatronus used his telekinesis on Steeljaw. Megatronus stated that he had never technically lied to Steeljaw about his right to own Earth or whatever would be left of it and threw Steeljaw to the side. Steeljaw, in a fit of rage, kept on attacking Megatronus but after a brief fight, Megatronus restrained the furious Steeljaw with his telekinesis and sent Steeljaw flying in the sky miles away.

Steeljaw's interference distracted Megatronus long enough for Bumblebee to resuscitate Optimus, and the two Autobot leaders moved in to finish Megatronus. While Optimus once again dueled with Megatronus, Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe used their Decepticon hunters to power themselves up and blasted Megatronus, which did not stop him as Windblade stated it will take more to take more than a single blast to defeat Megatronus. As Bumblebee comms Optimus, who was busy fighting Megatronus, Megatronus managed to bring the AllSpark down to Earth. Optimus managed to shatter Megatronus's Spark fuser, closing the rift, sending the sparks back to their respected places and ruining his plan. Enraged at this, Megatronus redoubled his attack and closed his shots directly to kill everyone in sight, mostly towards Optimus. Just as he was about to finish off Optimus, Grimlock intervened again with Bumblebee and Strongarm assisting Optimus. Sideswipe joined in on the battle after he helped Windblade and Drift drop part of the statue's arm on Megatronus. Optimus had destroyed Megatronus's sword and Grimlock tripped the First Decepticon over with his tail as the statue's arm came on him. Megatronus lifted the statue, which the weight of the statue was enough for Bumblebee's team to blast Megatronus with a sustained burst of energy, disintegrating his body and seemingly destroying Megatronus on site. Though Bumblebee was unsure if he was destroyed as he asked Fixit to detect Megatronus's energy signature which Fixit reported that there was nothing to detect. Optimus also reassured Bumblebee that if Megatronus did survive, they would be there to stop him.


At the beginning of it all, Megatronus was loyal to his creator Primus. He was considered unpredictable and unstable by the other Thirteen. Megatronus soon became the first Decepticon whe he became pernicious, cruel, sadistic, immoral, and villainous towards the other Primes and even a murderer for destroying Solus Prime. He seems to hold a strong grudge with both Earth and Cybertron for playing roles in his exile, which left him to have a deep desire for vengeance in his time of being exiled. He also seems to share the same level of anger as Megatronas he nearly killed the Autobots and Optimus Prime for foiling his plans to destroy both Earth and Cybertron.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Prime, Megatronus is one of the strongest of all Cybertronians. He battled all of Bumblebee's team and Optimus Prime at once, tossing Grimlock to a distance, and even lifted a giant arm of a satue that dropped on him albeit with slight difficulty. He is a skilled combatant as he was able to last a fight with all the Autobots and Optimus Prime at the same time with slight difficulty. He also has the ability of telekinetics, where he demonstrated to Steeljaw by crushing steel, torturing Clampdown, throwing Steeljaw in a far distance and also used his telekinetic abilities against Optimus Prime. He is equipped with 2 cannons on his hand, a glaive, and can transform his hand into a drill. He transforms into a armored tank as his alt-mode.


  • Solus Prime - Victim
  • Other Primes - Enemies
  • Bumblebee's Team - Enemies
  • Unicron - Enemy
  • Steeljaw's Pack - Benefactor, pawns turned enemies.



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