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I am dominator...I am the destroyer...I AM MEGATRON!
~ Megatron announcing his arrival
My victory will mark a brilliant new beginning!
~ Megatron to Optimus

Megatron is the main antagonist of Transformers: War for Cybertron and its sequel, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Originally a power hungry gladiator, Megatron led the tyrannical Decepticons to flush out of the weaklings and rebuild Cybertron as a "perfect" society. Such a task came as a price, and as such the Autobots rebelled against the army, fueling the war and fall of the very planet they fought over.

Megatron, in both titles, is portrayed by Fred Tatascoire, who voiced an uncountable amount of characters in fiction such as all Beasts mode of the Beauty and the Beasts, The Grizz, Bane and the infected.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Corruption of Cybertron

When the war was in its peak and infancy, Megatron led the the Decepticons. Determined to corrupt the core of Cybertron with Dark Energon to establish absolute control over the mechanical planet, Megatron allied with a formerly neutral Starscream and his forces and seized a full scale assault upon the Autobot's capital city, Iacon. Megatron did so to find the Autobot's leader, Zeta Prime, rip the key to Cybertron from his hands, and use it to unlock the core. After shredding through the city with the help of Starscream's air-support, Megatron beat Zeta, had his arrested, and thrown into Kaon's prison before taking the key for his own. However, Megatron soon realized that the "key" wasn't the actual key. It activated the true key, which was no object. In fact, it was a living, battleship sized Autobot named Omega Supreme. Having Omega hot on their tails, Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown traversed the lands of the core to finally beat the beast and forced him to unlock the very thing he guarded. Megatron's goals were a successful, deviously laughing as all of Cybertron was infected with Dark Energon by his own hands.


Though Megatron ruled Cybertron with an iron fist, the Autobots were relentless to surrender. Now led by the bold officer, Optimus, Megatron had his new nemesis arrested only for him to break out, free the already imprisoned Autobots, and save Zeta. Zeta unfortunately died of his torture woulds and Optimus, now a Prime, was labelled the last hope for the Autobots. Prime even beat the Decepticon's ultimate weapon, Trypticon, sparking a fresh bitter rivalry between Optimus and Megatron.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


After Optimus was informed by the spirit of Cybertron's core that it was far too damaged and corrupted to sustain life, he had to call the Autobots into retreat, herding them onto an "over-sized cargo hauler" called the Ark. However, Megatron refused to let the beaten bots flee and instead activated several anti-aircraft canons to make sure the Ark doesn't leave Cybertron's surface. The cannons were destroyed by the city-sized Autobot Metroplex who also squashed and murdered Megatron under his vast palm after the Decepticon captured Optimus. Megatron, who was just a dead hunk of scrap metal, finally had his position replaced by an disloyal Starscream. Soundwave was displeased with the death of his master and secretly constructed him a new body before reactivating his fallen commander and bringing him back to life. Megatron then barged out of Soundwave's workshop, ripped Starscream from the throne of the Decepticons, and re-established his leadership amongst the corps. Megatron later had Trypticon, who was a failure in a state of catatonia, rebuilt into the Nemesis, which followed the Autobots' Ark up into space.

Final conflict

The two ships were headed towards a mysterious black hole, and as they waited to soar into it they had a final brutal conflict. Optimus and Megatron met up on top of the Ark where they had a violent sword fight. The struggle led to the "death" (or major injuring) of Bumblebee, who attempted to intervene. The two robotic commanders continued their vicious conflict until they, the Nemesis, and the Ark were all sucked into the black hole, shot into an enigmatic section of the universe...

Rise of the Dark Spark

In Rise of the Dark Spark, Megatron is first seen monologuing alongside Optimus Prime, on the current conditions on the Great War for Cybertron. He notes that the Autobots are nearly defeated, and that it is the Decepticon's finest hour. He then gives a small narraration on the Dark Spark, and how it's the opposite of the Matrix. His second appearance is one over Shockwave's communications channel, where he tells the former to obtain the Dark Spark, before reprimanding Starscream over his questioning. After this small banter, he basically remains dark in terms of presence, until the mission "Ascension".

During this mission, he essentially tampers with the Dark Spark's powers, showing that it also possesses powers much like Dark Energon . He eventually challenges Optimus to a fight, using his newly obtained might to raise Cybertronian footsoldiers to fight Prime. This leads to Prime having to destroy 4 pillars, which restore Megatron's power, and once they're destroyed, they use the Matrix of Leadership and Dark Spark against the other respectively.

The Matrix is shown to be the prevaling force, and it creates a massive explosion in the confined quarters, causing both parties to be launched backwards, incapacitated. Megatron is too weak to move, and thus, is dragged off by a surprisingly worried Shockwave, whilst Prime stands up, pushes his chest panelling back in place, and looks up, only to realize the Dark Spark has been launched into space. The distressed Autobot Leader laments on how he feels "its presence will be felt elsewhere".



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