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Tommy transformed Bad - Annoying Orange
Megasuck is the main antagonist of the Annoying Orange TV Show episode Trans Fruit Bots. Created by Nerville


Orange and egg playing Mango Polo when egg, ignoring Orange's warning, keep moving and falls off of the fruitcart. When Nerville sees the egg yolk on the floor, Orange and Apple nerviously apologize. But Nerville tells that he is glad, because the mess gives him a chance to try his new invention. He then shows the fruits his Vacum robot in which he named Megasuck. Megasuck cleans the mess of the floor, and Orange decides to bully the robot by spitting seeds everywhere, making Megasuck have to clean it all up. While cleaning the mess, Megasuck accidently hits the cart, causing all the fruits (exept Orange) to fall off of the cart. Megasuck then sucks up Apple, causing all the fruits to panic. Orange tries to save everyone by turning the robot off with the controller, but only fares to breaking it, causing it to fall on the floor. Megasuck then consumes the controller, causing his mainframe to be shattered. Nerville then asks the robot if he is alright, and claims that his only hope is that he can repair Megasuck in his repair room. However, Megasuck then goes crazy, and goes on a rampage throughout the store, terrorizing all fruits and costumers. And since the controller is broken, Nerville can not shut Megasuck off, forcing him to have to face his own invention. Then, Megasuck finds Nerville a threat and begins to chase him around the store. When Megasuck chases Nerville to a dead end, Nerville grabs onto the fruitcart and screams as Megasuck begins to suck him up with his special vaccum. Then, Megasuck sucks off his clothes and leaves Nerville in his underwear. Then, Megasuck infuses with Nerville's body and spits out Apple. With Nerville's mind in the evil robots system, Megasuck is able to create a race of vaccum slaves. This leaves only Orange, Pear, Apple, Grapefruit, Passion fruit, Midgit apple, Pinapple, and Grapefruit left. Then, they use the Fruit cart to transform into a robot. Then, they go off into Isle 4 to battle Megasuck, who is torturing a milk quart. When they have rescued the milk, Megasuck then kidnappes Passionfruit and uses her as a sheild, causing everyone to have to hold their fire. Then, Grandpa Lemon tells Orange a story about how back in his day, people would poison a man by what he cheirished the most. Then, they make Megasuck consume too much, overloading him. Then, he explodes, causing Nerville to fall out and slip into unconciousness. After the battle, Nerville states that he can't remember anything, and this causes him to make ANOTHER Megasuck.


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