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You suck
~ Megan to the party goers

Megan Voorhees is one of villains of Scary Movie 2 is based on Regan McNeil and she is spoiled teenage girl who got punished by her mother when she urinated profusely on the floor at her mother's party when she was possessed by Hugh Kane. Her mother called priests Fathers McFeely and Harris arrive to exorcise Hugh's spirit out of her and she said Megan's health was detoriating and she "wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, the poor girl won't even let me touch her!" to which the sex-obssessed McFeely took this as lesbianism and said "Well sometimes you've got to give them candy." Hugh wouldn't stand for being released so he insulted the priests immensely and rotated Megan's head round. Hugh also vomited upon hearing the exorcism, and the priest vomited, and then McFeely vomited, and a vomiting match happened, but Hugh then sniggered manically. Finally the priests cleaned up and tried the Lord's prayer, but then Hugh insulted McFeely's dead mother, so he sighed and shot Megan in the head.