Megan Macey is a fictional character in the Emmerdale franchise. She first appeared as a central character in 2012 and went on to serve as an anti-hero in 2013, one of the tritagonists in 2013, and a major protagonist from 2015 to onwards in 2018.

She was portrayed by Gaynor Faye.


Megan is Declan Macey's "glamorous" half-sister, she arrives at Home Farm to stay with Declan after he contacts her about getting involved with a big project.


Megan moves in to Home Farm, after being asked by Declan to be the events organizer of a festival in Emmerdale. She demands to Declan why she wasn't invited to Mia's funeral and has a row with Charity, who hoped that she would have got the job. She has a fling with Cain Dingle, Charity's ex, resulting in a fight between the two. When Megan badmouths Katie, Declan tells Megan to leave once the festival has finished. Megan meets her old friend Jai in the Woolpack and Declan demands that she should stay away from him. When the two talk, they look back on the past lives and Declan apologizes for not being there for her when he left the family home aged nineteen. Declan later tracks down Megan's long lost son Robbie and Megan becomes furious that he went behind her back. Robbie arrives at Home Farm and tells her that she will never be his mother, stating that his adoptive mother died of an asthma attack previously. When Declan invites Robbie to stay with them after he slept with his landlord's girlfriend, Megan tells him that she feels uncomfortable with him being around. During the summer, she begins a relationship with Carl King. However, he dumps her, because of his feelings for Chas. The festival goes well and he invites Megan to plan for another one, the following year. Megan agrees, but Katie becomes unimpressed and tries to make her leave, especially when Robbie threatens her. During Declan and Katie's wedding day, Megan and Katie have a fight in the marquee.


The following year, the festival plans don't go well and the police find a body find Alex's body buried in the woods. When Katie and Declan's marriage ends, Megan tells Declan that they haven't got enough money for another festival and decides to leave the village. However, she decides to stay after Declan says that he needs her. Declan began physically abusing Megan by hitting her across the face on numerous occasions. Eventually, Katie witnesses one of Declan's attacks and sticks up for Megan, despite Megan saying that it was just a misunderstanding. On Boxing Day, Megan enters a fire at Home Farm, believing that Declan is trapped inside, but she is unaware that he caused the fire and left earlier with Charity Sharma. Megan becomes trapped herself but is later freed by the fire brigade. Megan isn't very pleased in April 2014, when Declan reveals he is engaged to Charity and that she is pregnant with his child. They plan to get married on 15 May 2014, although Charity's former boyfriend and cousin Cain Dingle and his fiancée Moira Barton also intend to marry on that day. Only Megan, Robbie and Charity's son Noah attend, as the rest of Charity's family are at Cain's wedding. Just as the registrar pronounces them husband and wife, Megan sounds the fire alarm, which infuriates Charity. When she finds out what Megan has done, Charity slaps her and a small fight ensues, although Declan stops them.

Unbeknownst to Declan and Megan, but Charity has her pregnancy terminated as she never wanted a child. When Charity is having an argument with Megan, and Megan accidentally knocks Charity to the floor, Charity uses the accident to fake her miscarriage. Megan, becoming ever more guilty, reveals this to Declan, who shouts at her and throws her out. Megan then begins a relationship with Declan's enemy, Jai Sharma, and becomes business partners with Leyla Harding. Megan becomes devastated when she identifies Robbie's body after being shot by a flare gun by Declan. She blames Charity and demands to know where Declan is. On the day of Robbie's funeral, she begins to doubt how well she knew her son, after seeing his friends. The following day, Declan returns and holds Megan hostage, along with Charity's family and tells everyone what Charity did to Rachel. Declan goes on the run and Megan tries to get her revenge on Charity. She becomes relieved when Charity is sentenced for two years in prison for perverting the course of justice.


Megan and Jai become engaged and they get married. When Rachel returns, Jai tries to win a custody battle for Archie. After realizing that Leyla and Jai were having an affair, she decides to get her revenge. After Leyla finds out that Jai has been threatening Rachel, she tells Megan. Suddenly, Megan begins experiencing stomach cramps and is taken to hospital. She tells Leyla that she had a miscarriage and Leyla betrays Jai in court, causing Rachel to gain custody of Archie. Rachel moves to Liverpool with Archie and Jai tells Megan that their marriage is over. Megan starts packing up her things and moves in with Rachel's ex Sam, revealing that she didn't miscarry Jai's baby. Megan files for a divorce and Jai tells Sam and Megan that they are evicted from their house. Jai's father Rishi stops him from evicting them, leading to Megan thanking him.