Werewolf Megan
It's that time of the month.
~ Megan

Megan was the hidden main villainess from the 2002 film Dog Soldiers.

She was portrayed by Emma Cleasby.

Megan was a zoologist living in Scotland, mainly to find out about the existence of werewolves in the area. She encounters the Uath family, who were all werewolves, and becomes one when they infect her. Megan was approached by a British Army Special Forces team, led by Captain Richard Ryan, to provide guidance about the area and search for any werewolves.

However, when she learned that the soldiers were not there to help, Megan turned heel and betrayed them; telling them that werewolves were in the barn (which wasn't true) while letting a number of werewolves inside the house. Megan reveals to Cooper that she, too, is a werewolf, and she had been suppressing her transformation for a long time. While a trio of werewolves appeared behind her, the evil Megan sprouted fangs and yellow eyes and began her own transformation, but she was shot in her left eye. The shot did not kill Megan, as she resurfaced fully transformed (with her eye missing) and went after Wells, who was undergoing his own transformation. Wells sacrificed himself and blew up the entire house, killing Megan and other werewolves inside.