Megamort and his shrinking glove.

Megamort is a villain appearing in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special Super Adventure!


Mortimer Mouse is a new arrival to the neighborhood, and is jealous of Mickey's happiness. Wishing to be happy himself, he adopts the alias "Megamort" and hatches an evil scheme to shrink everything in town down to tiny size, encasing them inside of glass spheres which he keeps inside of his giant airship. This is accomplished with the use of a glove he wears over his left hand that allows him to shrink people and objects.

Initially, he acts from behind the scenes, never leaving his ship, instead hiring Pete, who he gives a pair of rocket-powered pants, nicknaming him "Power Pants Pete." However when Pete loses the pants and fails in his latest task, Megamort finally emerges from his ship, whereupon he punishes Pete by shrinking him. He then begins shrinking and stealing buildings himself.

Mickey and the gang try to stop him, assisted by the shrunken Pete. They rescue the shrunken buildings and restore them to their normal size, although in doing so, Megamort's ship is damaged and begins crashing. At the urging of Mickey, they stop it, rescuing Megamort, who is contrite and apologizes for his actions, revealing his true identity as Mortimer and thanking Mickey for saving him. He promises to leave behind his life of villainy forever.