Megalador was a robot shark created by Zeltrax and a monster in the Dino Thunder episode "Ocean Alert". He was a hybrid of a shark, flowers and spare car parts. A supermodel/actress named Nikki Valentina was coming to Reefside to shoot her baywatch-like show "Ocean Alert". Mesogog was watching her and saw how rude and arrogant she really was and decide that she could be useful to him.

He sent Megalador to kidnap her. When the rangers confronted him, he used his flower blasts on Conner and Ethan; giving them an allergic reaction. After kidnapping her, he was about to flood the city with a giant wave. When they were cured, and reluctantly rescued Nikki, they used the Z Rex blaster on Megalador, destroying him. Mesogog grew him to larger size and the rangers awakened a new Dino zord; the Stegasaurus zord. Ethan controlled the zord and it turned into a surfboard. The Megazord then used its surfing powers and destroyed Megalador.