Megadramon is a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 01, Digimon Tamers, and season 2 of Digimon Fusion.


Megadramon is a Ultimate Level Digimon that looks like a legless Dragon. His wings a ripped and purple, and his arms and the top of his head is made of metal. His arms can also shoot missiles.

Digimon Adventures 01

Megadramon is one of Machinedramon's servants that served as the air force along with Gigadramon. It is currently unknown what happened to him after Machinedramon was destroyed.

Digimon Tamers

Megadramon reappeared in the Digimon Tamers episode, "Blame It On Ryo". When Rika fixed a clock that wasn't suppost to be fixed Megadramon was released from his prison. He put up a fight with Kyubimon and easily overwhelmed her, until Cyberdramon re-imprisoned him.

Digimon Fusion (season two)

An Army of Megadramon were members of the Bagra Army. They served one of the Dark Generals; Dorbickmon. All of them were destroyed during the fight between the first Death General.


A Dark Dragon Digimon who is said to boast the strongest and deadliest power amongst draconic Cyborg Digimon of the Ultimate level. Someone gave this artificially remodeled Digimon software that allows him to destroy everything. It can be said that he is the personified form of a computer virus. He is able to invade computer systems governed by the strongest of security networks easily, and is able to destroy and reformat the host computer very efficiently. His special attacks are "Ultimate Slicer", which can tear through any material, and "Genocide Attack", which launches countless organic missiles from his arms.



  • Dark Side Attack
  • Ultimate Slicer