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MegaZord Delta
The MegaZord Delta or Type Delta classification are a set of robots Vaglass uploads from Hyper Space to the real world by hiding within other MegaZords during transport.

The Type Delta is one of the newest types of MegaZords, and is produced by Vaglass, based on BC-04's blueprints.

The Energy Management Center also refer to it as a "parasite", due to its method of transport, as well as its insect-like appearance.

Type Delta MegaZords are a huge threat, and must be shut down with no mercy, as they have the potential to smash out Go-BusterOh's Dimension Crush, and have more power than even a Type Gamma.

Though primarily riding in other MegaZord data during transport, it can also be transported directly from Hyper Space.

List of MegaZord Delta forms

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