MegaSeadramon is a gigantic sea monster with a horn on its head that can produce lightning and a minor villain in the anime Digimon.


MegaSeadramon is an Ultimate class Digimon that looks like a bigger, and redder version of Seadramon. The top of his head is made of gold, with a horn shaped like a lightning bolt, and green hair.

Digimon Adventure 01

MegaSeadramon first appeared as one of Myotismon's servants that guarded Ikkakumon's way. Ikkakumon put up a fight against MegaSeadramon but the latter was too powerful. Then Joe's Tag of Relibility glowed and Ikkakumon Digivolved to Zudomon to defeat MegaSeadramon.

Digimon Adventure 02

The same MegaSeadramon that worked for Myotismon returned and is under the control of the Dark Ring that the Digimon Emperor gave. Ikkakkumon fought MegaSeadramon once again. Armadillomon Armor-Digivolved to Submarimon to defeat MegaSeadramon and freed him from the Dark Ring.


A Seadramon that evolved systematically, he is body has become larger. He is mainly witnessed under severe environment around the Folder continent. The outer hull around his head has become harder, a blade has grown on his head, his defensive power has increased, and he is able to shoot electricity from the blade on his head. He has become more intelligent and is able to swim faster; he dives into the deep and murders his prey.


  • Lightning Javelin
  • Mega Ice Blast
  • Ice Storm