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Meg Griffin

Full Name
Megan Griffin, Megatron Griffin (according to "A Fistful Of Meg)
Meg Griffin
Family Guy.
School Student.
Powers / Skills
Texting, hanging out with the unpopular kids.
Be loved by her family.
Type of Villain
Scapegoat, Tragic Villain, Redeemed Villain

Megan "Meg" Griffin is the tertiary tritagonist the animated series Family Guy, and the daughter of Peter and Lois Griffin. While often portrayed as a good character, there have been times where Meg has shown her antagonistic side.

She was voiced by Lacey Chabert in Season 1 and by Mila Kunis in Season 2-present.

She is typically described as a living doormat and is constantly mistreated by her family, which in several episodes, leads her to cut herself and made her somewhat suicidal. Originally, she was 16 years old in the first season, then turns 17 in "Peter's Two Dads". As of the episode, "Meg and Quagmire", her current age is 18 years old.

It has been shown in "Seahorse Seashell Party" that the Griffin family needs to treat her badly to absorb most of their dysfunction, but Meg finally rebelled to most of her family except for Stewie and Brian in that episode. However, she changed her mind at end because she believes she is "trying keep to together as a family", but really Meg must have signs of Borderline Personality Disorder and major signs of Stockholm Syndrome. She is also mildly implied to have Avoidant or Schizoid personality disorder because she takes advice from Brian who happens to be talking dog instead of taking advice from her human friends and other human beings to avoid problems.

She is also considered to be somewhat of a fan villain. Similar to the way she's portrayed in the show, fans often depict her as being "ugly" (similar to Squidward Tentacles).

Villainous acts

  • Her earliest negative role is "Love Thy Trophy". In order to get a job to afford an expensive purse, she lies by explaining she is Stewie's mother and that Stewie has been fed only dog food and crack. This leads to Stewie being taken away by Child Services, but is ultimately returned to the Griffins when Meg is forced to give away her purse to Stewie's foster parents. 
  • The most noteworthy of her villainous acts may be in the episode "Dial Meg for Murder", which greatly showed her aggressive side. She was arrested for harboring her fugitive boyfriend despite her not initially knowing he was hiding at her house. When she came back from prison, she became mean and controlling and scared off even her own dad. She also made Peter punch Stewie. Meg also cracked open the skulls of a group of popular kids with a bag of stolen soda cans at her school when they dissed her. However, she was able to redeem herself in the end, thanks to Brian.

    Meg after returning from prison.

  • In other episodes, she has been seen trying to have sex with other characters on the show. Due to her inability to keep her boyfriends, she can be very desperate to get a new one.
    • An example is in "Barely Legal," where she forces Brian to become her boyfriend after threatening to commit suicide due to her failure to get a date for the Junior Prom. She later kidnaps Brian and threatens to rape him.
    • Meg also falls in love with Joe Swanson in "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair", and even gets his wife Bonnie Swanson arrested so she can have Joe all to herself.
  • Meg is depicted as a creature in the Family Guy-Star Wars series; for example, in "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", Meg fills the role as a giant space slug known as the Exogorth. Another example is in "It's a Trap!", where Meg fills the role as the tentacled beast Sarlacc.
  • Meg is implied to have strangled a cat to death once. The implication of her cat abuse was brought up again in the episode "Simpsons Guy", which made Lisa Simpson hide Snowball II and say that they don't have a cat.
  • In "Friends Without Benefits", Meg's crush, Kent Lastname, revealed he is gay and Meg denies it because boys dumped her a hundred times. However, Kent is in love with her younger brother Chris. Later, she told Chris he's gay and is love in him. Meg want Chris to sleep with him, but Chris is against the idea, so Meg plans to drug him. Later that night, Kent, whom is unaware that Chris isn't asleep and drugged, attempts to sleep with him. Chris notices and discover Meg's plot. Kent leaves, calling her as [homophobic] psychopath and hates her now.
  • In "Chris Cross", Meg found Chris stealing money from her parents and forced him into hard, degrading and somewhat unethical slave labor under the threat of exposing him.

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